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1) Reporting time for all the participants for the technicals is at 3:30pm. Please do not miss the technicals  (late comers will not get a chance to perform) 

2) There will be refreshments provided for all the participants, you may still carry extra snacks for yourselves. 

3) Separate seating arrangements are done in the auditorium for the participants.

4) For participants in multiple performances kindly  refer the event flow mentioned below,  make sure that all the costumes are in place accordingly

5) No parents will be allowed in the green room / participants hall on the ground floor, apart from the volunteers and team members.

6) The event flow is subject to change, hence all the participants are requested to remain in the Hall below, the event is scheduled to begin at 6 PM. 

7) Requesting all the parents and spectators to reach the venue by 5:30 and carry digital copy of the tickets for the the event. (No entry without a valid ticket)


Event Flow.

1 Bharatanatyam
2 Cha Cha & Latin Jive 
3 Adult Intermediate S Jive ( Sat Sun 5 PM)
4 Ladies Bollywood (Sat Sun 8 am)
5 Kathak
6 Jr Bollywood  (Mon Wed 5 PM)
7 Adult Beginners Salsa
8 Belly dance
9 Teenage Bollywood (Mon Wed 7 PM)
10 Hula Hoop
11 Jr. Beginners Social Jive (Sat Sun 11 AM)
12 Adult Beginners Bachata
13 Jr Bollywood (Mon Wed 6PM & Sat Sun 10AM)
14 Zumba
15 Jr. S Jive intermediate ( Mon Wed 6 PM)
16 Contemporary hip hop 
17 Adult Intermediate Salsa
18 Hip Hop 
19 Ladies Bollywood  (Tue Thu 8 PM)
20 Adult Beginners Social Jive ( Sat Sun 5 PM)
21 Bachata Intermediate
22 Jr.Bollywood Weekends (Sat Sun 12 Noon)
23 Finale

All The Best!!!!!!!

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