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Teachers Training Course 2023

This Course is designed especially for the students who have appeared for their 10th and 12th exams,

The duration of the course is six weeks , starting from 10th April to 18th May.


This training consists of the following dance styles.

(Jive, Salsa, Latin Jive , Cha Cha, Samba, Bachata)

In order to successfully complete the course you need to attend 75% or more of the group sessions and 90% of the training sessions


Group session and activity hours = 162 Hours

Training hours= 48 Hours

The training doesn’t guarantee top level of dancing but will definitely make you a better dancer and a teacher after completing minimum requirements of the training.

The syllabus will be provided to you which is also subject to modification from time to time, however you are not to leak or share the syllabus with anyone else outside.

The trainee will have to pay for socials, outdoor events, workshops etc.

The classes will mostly be for beginners level; however, you will also get an opportunity to gradually attend other levels too.

The Teachers Training doesn’t guarantee you a job or a position in the academy, however you will receive an opportunity to be a part of the academy depending on your commitment and growth.



 The contract consists of the below terms and conditions

1) There will be multiple trainers who will train you for different dance styles.

2) The Total Course fee is Rs 15,000/- (No cost EMI facility available)


Part 1: -The first 2 weeks will be your learning period where a senior instructor will teach you everything from the updated syllabus

This part basically is the drilling session where you will be made to do the basics multiple times. You may not start doing fancy routines or choreographies in the initial 2 weeks, as the priority of training is to get the right technique/musicality/styling and deep knowledge about the dance form. Learning the history of the form is advisable, as it will equip you enough to be confident with your facts and figures about the dance form. You are expected to attend the group sessions. However, changes in group classes will be suggested by the main instructor from time to time. You will not be included in the team rehearsals, performances or shows as those trainings are more intensive and advance. Except if you manage to improve and reach up to the instructor expectations.


Part 2:( 3rd and 4th Week)

-You will be taught the practices of a teacher. The do’s and don’ts / etiquettes / hygiene / dress code.

- You will be made to assist for classes along with one of the instructors to build your confidence on how to take a

class. (subject to the trainees’ growth)


Part 3: (5th and 6th Week)

- depending on your growth as this will be your last 2 weeks of training you will be made to take class alone supervised by a senior instructor. After completion of the same you will be certified from Time To Dance Academy

1) Limited to only 8 students. Last day to register is 7th April.

2) The applicant should have appeared either 10th or 12th examination in 2023.

3) No need to have any prior experience.

If interested kindly email us on or fill the google form by clicking here

Click here to download time table

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